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New Song

Since Jack was born my music has taken something of a back seat. Recently I got the itch to write a new song and here is my first metal tune since he was born. It is an instrumental named after his onesie with chimp feet. I wanted to enjoy writing a song that spins around […]

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A little break from the norm… Can’t see the video? See it here This is a song I wrote a while back, that is broken into three “acts” if you will. The song is composed from multiple layered acoustic music pieces as well as some bass guitar and strings (that’s right, folks, no metal here). […]

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Metal Free Software Song 2: This Time It’s Personal

Many moons ago, when computers were made out of oak and beige slacks, I recorded a heavy metal version of the Free Software Song that Richard Stallman cobbled together. When I recorded this song I didnt really have the right equipment to record a song, and consequently it sounded a bit rubbish. Richard and I […]

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Master Of The Situation

I had a crack at creating some electronic music. I know, not metal. I figured I would share this, and I have never done this before, so be gentle. Check out Master Of The Situation in MP3 and Ogg format. Created in Cubase with Halion One, a KeyRig and Drumkit From Hell.

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Dimebag: Still Remembered, Still Missed

Five years ago today, one of my heroes was murdered. Dimebag Darrell, guitarist from Pantera, Damageplan and Rebel Meets Rebel was shot while performing in Columbus, Ohio by Nathan Gale, a crazed fan disgruntled with the split of Pantera. The metal world and beyond was devastated by the news. In such a tight-knit and almost-tribal […]

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You Don’t See This Very Often…

Something I discovered while looking at the Bolt Thrower website a little while back. I had to share it: All I can say is “Wow”.

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The Macy’s Gipsy King

I just wanted to share with you an interesting little story that happened to us the other day. A few days back my wife and I were in Macy’s in Union Square shopping. We were lined up to pay for a jacket when nature came knock knock knocking on my door. When I returned she […]

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Leap Around Your Living Room

I have utter, unparalleled love and adulation for the song Braindead by Exodus. The intro that song makes me want to jump around the room. It is the pure, unfiltered essence of thrash metal. The album version is stunning, but I really love the insane live version on Good Friendly Violent Fun. You can just […]

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Terrible News

Blaze Bayley, former Iron Maiden singer and frontman of his own band Blaze recently had his wife Debbie pass away. While talking asbout this terrible news I found the following one of the saddest things I have ever read: “Just as things really seemed to be going our way, Debbie suffered a second huge brain […]

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No, Malmsteen. No!

Wow, Yngwie Malmsteen, notable guitar virtuoso, who I have been a fan of for years has just announced the cover for his new album Perpetual Flame: Oh dear. That is very bad indeed. Notable reaction from the album-buying public includes “Wow that’s bad…the chest hair and…“ “The Hoff called and wants his chest hair […]

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