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Whoa Yeah-yeah! Oah!

Fellow horseman, Jorge, and I are both big Metallica fans. Although we largely agree on what constitutes a great Metallica album (Master Of Puppets and …And Justice For All), Metallica have seen such a diverse change in their style, that fans have many different views on what makes the perfect ‘tallica album. Metallica really started […]

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Overkill. London. Monday.

I am planning to go and see Overkill on Monday night in at Islington Academy in London, but…alas…all on my lonesome. Anyone heading down to the gig? would be fun to meet any Ubuntu / LugRadio / Free Software or otherwise people there for a night of thrash metal.

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Yes! Maiden! This Saturday!

Mucho, mucho, mucho thanks to NickG for informing me that new tickets went on sale for Iron Maiden at Twickenham on Saturday. I consequently went and snapped up two tickets for Aq and I. This Saturday, we will be watching Iron Maiden re-creating songs that I have been listening to since I was 10 years […]

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Iron Maiden Tickets

Dammit! I missed out grabbing tickets for Iron Maiden at Twickenham on the 5th July. This is the tour I have been waiting years for. If anyone knows of any spare tickets I can get my hands on, please email me. I will be super grateful if someone can help hook me up with some […]

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A favour from readers who enjoy their music on the heavier side…

…please could you use the comments form snuggly attached to this blog entry to let me know of the most interesting metal and rock magazines, fanzines, websites and communities, and particularly ones that could be interested in hearing about new projects and artists. Thanks!

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Life ain’t dull

Right now I am over in beautiful Prague for FossCamp and the Ubuntu Developer Summit. Running and attending these events is always a real treat – there is always a genuine feeling of free software in action; a real meeting of minds coming together with a common ethos. Part of why I love the FossCamp/UDS […]

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Destroy Everything

You know what, every so often you see something and it directly equates to your dream for a particular part of your life. In terms of my musical ambitions, the video to Destroy Everything by Hatebreed perfectly sums up perfectly what I would love to do with my music, and not only that, but I […]

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Severed Fifth

Recently I have mentioned a new project of mine called Severed Fifth. Although I can’t announce it yet, things are really coming along together nicely with it. The team is largely assembled, and we are getting the website together. The announcement is largely written, and the content is largely written. I want to clarify that […]

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Rock on, Ed

In the latest in an increasingly long line of amusing metal related videos, I bring you this: Can’t see it? Click here. (lots of naughty words, if that offends you, don’t watch it) Very amusing. Thanks to Klepas for letting me know about this.

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OK, here is another round-up of quick things going: Ubuntu Release Parties! – we are heading to release, so why not celebrate the release of Ubuntu and party it hard? Check out this guide to setting one up. You gotta fight for your right to party! FossCamp is coming, and it is going too be […]

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