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As work begins on the new project it struck me just how easy it is to build a collaborative framework these days. It is simple to get people working together on documents, on strategy, developing plans, sharing email, sharing tasks and more. As we try to figure out the future of our desktop, we absolutely […]

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Ba-dum Tish!

You know what, learning death metal drumming is a pretty intense process. It requires an insane amount of investment – physical training and workouts, regular practise, creative focus, constantly learning from your fave drummers. Well, recently I felt I hit a new milestone in the process with a recording we (Seraphidian) did the other day […]

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Rock and roll. These guys are awesome, and this album is awesome. Sure, it is incredibly influenced by AC/DC and bits of Free, but has a real Slash’s Snakepit feel and a bit of Mötley Crüe thrown in there too. Good time rock and roll done right. Airbourne’s MySpace page

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Wine Tasting Approach To Death Metal

It is fairly well known to readers of this blog that I like metal. This is no surprise. And it is fairly well known that many people think metal is just a noise; a collection of angry individuals coming together with more of an emphasis on volume than artform. Of course, this is crap. Although […]

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Big, big kudos to for opening their DRM free music store. I have not bought any music from them yet, but have bought bags of DVDs, games and albums from them. Great to see them getting in on the digital downloads game, and great to see DRM not used. All in all, I am […]

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Metal On Demand

You know what, I try to be good to you, faithful readers. Knowing that you all share a deep and meaningful love of metal (humor me, please), I know that you want easy access to some good music. So, if you look in the sidebar of, you will now see a little media player […]

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Album Progress

Quick update on the album. I have had pretty limited time recently to work on the album with being away for a week at the sprint in London, and then hectic most evenings. I was also kicked down with a cold for a while – headaches and loud, roaring guitars don’t mix! This week though […]

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Feast For The Senses

Behemoth fans This weekend, I experienced two feasts for the eyes and ears: Cloverfield – recently released, hyped-up Internet sensation Cloverfield, passed me by until I heard about it on TV a few nights back – I completely missed the so-called Internet marketing machine around it, but it looked interesting – a monster movie shot […]

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Some quickies for you: I bought a Dell M1330. Unfortunately I put in the order a week before the Ubuntu availability was announced, so I did not get an Ubuntu pre-installed one. Not that it mattered, I never even booted Vista – Gutsy was on there quicker than you can say “they drink it in […]

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In Your Head vs. On Your Fingers

When I started work on my new album, I had an idea in my head about what it should sound like. I wanted to write something brutally heavy, very death metal inspired, and taking influence from Cannibal Corpse, Anata, Decapitated, Pantera and Fear Factory. What is unfolding as I write is really quite different. I […]

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