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Telly getting upgraded

After about two years of solid service, tonight my MythTV box is getting upgraded. It currently runs Breezy and was bodged to life by lots of poking and prodding. Well, with Feisty now out, its time for a big upgrade, from scratch. I spoke to the incredible MythTV Ubuntu Team and was informed that MythTV […]

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Getting video off MythTV and onto a DVD

Today Sooz pointed out that our MythTV box did not tape something last night, and it turned out it was 99% full. This is not unsurprising as it has full seasons of The West Wing, 24, Sleeper Cell, Prison Break, Charmed (hers), Medium (hers), The Ghost Whisperer (hers) and much more on there. With it […]

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MythTV on Dapper: Advice Required

As regular readers may well remember, I installed a MythTV quite some time ago. I got it up and running on Ubuntu Breezy, with video out from my ATI card and support for my remote control and LCD panel. Feeling rather smug about building said box, I showed it off to all and sundry to […]

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