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The Opinion Slab: OpenConsole?

Welcome one and all for this weeks block…no chunk…nay, slab of opinion. As ever, everyone is welcome and encouraged to scribe their opinions into the comments on this post. Yep, even you oddbals with your wild staring eyes and can of Special Brew in tow are welcome to join in. Lets go… “In recent years […]

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The Opinion Slab: Church of England in Playstation Gun Range Shocker

Here we are for yet another slab of opinion. This week I have quite an interesting one for you. Recently the Church Of England have been having a tiff with Sony regarding the use of Manchester Cathedral in the Alien infested first-person-shooter Resistance: Fall Of Man on Playstation 3. The CofE are not only angry […]

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The Opinion Slab: Living Life Online

Ready for another slab of opinion? Need your weekly dose of opinionated ramblings? Don’t we all! This week another interesting question to bend those neurons of yours and raise that blood pressure a little… We are all increasingly living our life online. With our weblogs telling our daily stories, Flickr showing our holiday snaps, […]

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The Opinion Slab: Ad Supported Websites?

Here we are for another slab of opinion. As ever, scribe your views into the comments on this post. Here goes: Running a website can be expensive, be it a personal website or a site for an Open Source project. Speaking personally, I run sites like and which are personal, but also […]

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The Opinion Slab: Fields Of Endeavor

I am always keen to hear peoples views on various subjects, and something I have been thinking of doing for a while is to just throw out a discussion topic and ask everyone to fill in their thoughts. This could be on a range of subjects, most likely related to free software, free culture, music […]

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