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Ubuntu One for Application Developers

Most of you will be familiar with Ubuntu One as the personal cloud service in which you can sync your files, buy music, and more. While the Ubuntu One team has been working hard to expand the end-user quality and experience of Ubuntu One, I wanted to share my experience with working with Ubuntu One […]

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Project Maintainers Required

Yesterday I announced that the new Severed Fifth website is launched on Monday, and with it will begin the second phase of the project and the build-up to the second album. For the first album I ran out of steam as I had just signed up to do The Art Of Community for O’Reilly and […]

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More Python Snippets

While I have been away this week on vacation there were 16 new submissions with new snippets! I utterly flabbergasted at how many of you good folks are contributing snippets. I just reviewed all of these submissions and we now have a bunch of new snippets, including: WebKit examples and a fantastic snippet for theming […]

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PyJunior: Call For Documentation Help!

Just a quick note: the PyJunior code is up on Launchpad. Please remember: I wrote this in about two hours and haven’t had any time to clean it up. So, expect warts and all. The Open Sourcerer pointed me at Snake Wrangling for Kids as a great kid-friendly guide for learning Python. My dream now […]

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Making Programming Easier For Kids With PyJunior

This week I am in Mexico on vacation with my wife and it has been wonderful getting out and about, catching some rays and and chillin’ by the pool. Mexico is a wonderful place and the people here are just incredible. It has been a wonderful week. Yesterday I had a break from the sun […]

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Acire and Python Snippets Rockstars

Today Andy Breiner submitted a new Python snippet that demonstrates the use of the os module and Regular Expressions and looks at all the snippets in the Python Snippets library and counts how many people have submitted snippets. This is a great way of seeing how many people are contributing to the project. Well, I […]

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Acire 0.4 Released

I am proud to announce the release of Acire 0.4! This release includes the following new features Documentation Links – many snippets now include links to relavent documentation links, and these are shown right within the Acire interface and just a click away. Alphabetized Lists – the list of categories in Acire and the list […]

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New Acire and Python Snippets Website

With the goal of Acire and Python Snippets seeking to serve multiple distributions, it seemed appropriate to give it it’s own website. Thanks to the wonderful people over at for making my fave CMS available as a free hosted service, we now have our new website! This was a result of a few hours […]

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150 Python Snippets. 20 Topics. Nice!

I just wanted to share something I am rather proud of. Python Snippets, the project I put together to gather an archive of simple Python examples that can be viewed with Acire on your desktop. Well, today I merged in our 150th snippet, contributed by Andy Breiner. For the curious, the record-breaking snippet demonstrates how […]

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Download Files Async With Gio And Python

Recently I asked for some help on how to download a file without blocking the GUI. Thanks to everyone who contributed their expertise in the post comments: I now have my program working great. I wanted to now share my conclusions so that others can benefit from them too. To do this I am going […]

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