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The HUD: Call For Testers

Today we announced the HUD that is landing in Unity. This is an awesome new feature. See Mark’s blog post, the coverage on PC Pro, and the interview with John Lea on OMG! Ubuntu!. Here is a video of the feature in action: Can’t see it? See it here. I wanted to point you folks […]

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From Old To New Python GTK

I am a pretty terrible programmer. Anyone who has read my code can see that. Unfortunately, I tend to have lots of ideas about how we can use technology in different ways, hence why I write some code. Examples of this have included Lernid, Acire, RaccoonShow, and Jokosher. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your view), […]

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Community Team Goings On

A week ago I flew to Budapest for an Ubuntu Engineering Team Rally. This is where we get the Ubuntu Engineers at Canonical and some other groups together for a week to work together, plan future work, have meetings and make progress on our existing commitments. It is in this week that I gather together […]

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Experimenting With Email

Like many of you I get a lot of email, and like many of you I often struggle to keep up with it in the context of everything else that is going on. Recently I have been trying a few little experiments in adjusting my email workflow to see if I can be more productive. […]

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Testing Required: Unity PPA

The always awesome didrocks posted yesterday to encourage the testing of the Unity PPA. In this cycle we have changed how Unity is deployed into Ubuntu by required a set of acceptance criteria tests before it enters the archive. As such, much of the testing of the new Unity releases is happening in a PPA […]

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Social Ubuntu TV

Be sure to follow Ubuntu TV on Facebook and on Google+. That is all.

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Today: First Videocast Of 2012

Today I am going to host my first Ubuntu videocast of 2012. I am going to switch this up a little and talk more about the goals for the year, summarize work that is going on, and then dig into the usual Q+A where you folks are welcome to ask any questions you like about […]

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Erica and I just spent a busy few weeks visiting family and friends over in the UK, and it was wonderful to see everyone. My family all get on wonderfully with each other, but my two brothers and I have always lived in different places and this Christmas was the first time we have all […]

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Quality In Ubuntu

Quality has always been an important value in the Ubuntu community, but over the last few releases we have faced some challenges in how we can assure and deliver quality. There have been various reasons for this, which include: Fewer automated tests that we would like and limited coverage in key components (e.g. Unity). Out […]

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Community Management Crib Notes: A New Era Of Community Management

Tonight I recorded and put on my YouTube Channel a presentation that I delivered at OSCON earlier this year called A New Era Of Community Management. I cover the history of community management, it’s early leaders, and how the science of understanding and growing community is changing with the advent of new technologies, social norms, […]

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