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Community Leadership Summit 2012 Announced

Can’t see the video? Click here! Now in it’s fourth year, the Community Leadership Summit is the annual event for community managers and leaders, attracting over 200 attendees from all around the world and a diverse range of industries and projects. Be sure to join us the weekend before OSCON on the 14th – 15th […]

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Google Tashout

Seen just now in a Google Hangout: Google, we salute you.

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Light Out Of Darkness

Tonight Erica and I went to a candlelight vigil in nearby Danville. The vigil was honouring the life of a Danville-born marine who was killed recently in Afghanistan. We joined Erica’s family there to mark our respects. We didn’t know him and we don’t know his family, but we felt like it was the right […]

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QA Community Coordinator Required: Apply Within

I am looking to hire a new member for my team (the Community Team) here at Canonical. I am looking for a bright, motivated, and experienced person to build, maintain and develop a cohesive, productive and effective Ubuntu QA community. I am looking for someone with solid QA experience particular in the areas of testing […]

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Seven Years Old

Seven years ago Ubuntu 4.10, the Warty Warthog, was released. It was the very first Ubuntu release. I remember when it came out, feeling like this was the right step forward for Linux and Free Software. While the technology looked awesome (removable USB with automatic mounting, woo!), and it was built on the rock that […]

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Get Your App In Ubuntu

Here in the Ubuntu family we have a burning ambition to create Operating Systems for Desktop and Server that is simple, easy to use, available in your language, and entirely free. We believe in technological freedom, open standards, and breaking down the digital divide. Part of delivering this vision is to provide a wide variety […]

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Video On Dealing With Burnout

Some of you will be familiar with the presentation I have done in the past on burnout, what it is, how to tell the symptoms, the 12 stages of burnout, and how to handle it in our communities. When I did the presentation I got some positive feedback that the content often resonated with people […]

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Ubuntu 11.04 Covered By CNN-IBN in India

Ubuntu 11.04 got a very positive review CNN in India this weekend. Refered to as: One of the world wide web’s best kept secrets. Check out the video below and skip to 15.05: Can’t see it? See the video here. Rockin’!

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Eric Ward Joining the Community Team at Canonical

On Monday next week I will be welcoming the sixth horseman to the Community Team at Canonical; he will be joining Daniel Holbach, Jorge Castro, David “the man with the plan” Planella, Ahmed Kamal, and myself on our adventure to build a fun, productive, and passionate Ubuntu community. He is Eric Ward and he will […]

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Bacon And Coffee Powered World Record

Yep, hair is an enemy of the Bacon household. A little while back I mentioned that my brother was working on a coffee powered car and working to set a world land speed record with it. Well, he did it, he set the record, and a little media storm has brewed around it. Check out […]

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