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Ubuntu Accomplishments: Translations Needed For 0.2

IMPORTANT: Before I get started, if you are running the daily PPA of Ubuntu Accomplishments, please use the releases PPA instead right now as the validation server is using the 0.1 accomplishments collection as opposed to the faily 0.2 accomplishments. If you are using the daily PPA you accomplishments will not get verified. Now…normal service […]

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Ubuntu 12.04: Parentally Precise

I have rather nice little story to share with you all. My mother in law, Sue, has what can be best described as a dog-earred mess of a laptop. A reasonably modern Lenovo Thinkpad with Windows Vista, it was painfully slow to use, crammed with all manner of bloatware and pre-installed rubbish that came with […]

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Heading Towards 0.2

Eagle eyed readers may have noticed I have been talking a lot about Ubuntu Accomplishments in the last few weeks…more so than usual… Well, to put it bluntly, my wife has been out of town for a few weeks and as such my evenings have had my husband time replaced with sitting in a darkened […]

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Testing and Instrumentation

Recently I have been talking a little about building quality and precision into Ubuntu Accomplishments. Tonight I put one of the final missing pieces in place and I thought I would share in a little more detail about some of this work. Some of you might find this useful in your own projects. Before I […]

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Accomplishing An Awesome App Developer Platform

At the Ubuntu Developer Summit last week I delivered a plenary on the Tuesday called Accomplishing An Awesome App Developer Platform that tells the story of how the Ubuntu app developer platform enabled me to build the Ubuntu Accomplishments system that I designed with Aq. The presentation walks through the story of how we designed […]

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Ubuntu Community Accomplishments Collection 0.1.1 Released

I just released a new update for the Ubuntu Community Accomplishments collection. This new release (0.1.1) includes the following new community accomplishments: Accomplishments Contributor Attend LoCo Team Event Bug Squad Member Ubuntu Forums Council Member Ubuntu Forums Staff Member Imported an SSH Key Ubuntu Beginners Team Council Member Ubuntu Beginners Team Member Bug Control Member […]

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Precision and Reliability in Ubuntu Accomplishments

In the Ubuntu world we have some common values that are not just focused on freedom, but also in how we build Ubuntu. Values such as cadence, design, quality and precision help guide us in building the best Ubuntu that we can. These values continued to be common themes at the recent Ubuntu Developer Summit […]

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Oakland Ubuntu Folks: Severed Fifth Playing Tonight

Just a quick reminded that my band Severed Fifth will be playing tonight at: Roosters Roadhouse, 1700 Clement Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501 This is about a 5 – 10min cab ride from the Oakland Marriot hotel. Get down there for about 7.30pm to ensure you get your tickets as the show has sold out of […]

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Accomplishments Needed: Can You Help?

Some of you may have seen the news of our very first Ubuntu Accomplishments release. Thank-you to everyone for testing the system; the feedback has been wonderful so far. The power of the Ubuntu Accomplishments system is dependant on the range of accomplishments available to our users; a comprehensive range of accomplishments that span the […]

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Ubuntu Accomplishments Lens Released

Yesterday I announced the first Ubuntu Accomplishments release. It is wonderful to see so many of you trying the system; many thanks! As part of the 0.1 release, we have added David CallĂ©‘s Ubuntu Accomplishments Unity lens to the 0.1 PPA. It looks like this: The lens neatly integrates into your desktop your trophies and […]

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