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First Ubuntu Accomplishments Release

Back in January I first posted about initial progress on the Ubuntu Accomplishments project; an effort to present our users with fantastic documentation and guidance for a range of different community activities and automatically award our users with trophies when they accomplish those activities. The end-goal is to make opportunities on your computer and in […]

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Translation Help Needed!

Many of you will be familiar with the Ubuntu Accomplishments project I have been working on recently. Well, we are gearing up to release our very first 0.1 release in the next week in a PPA, but we have one area where I would like to reach out to you folks for help. Translations! We […]

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Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Today we released the highly-anticipated Ubuntu 12.04 LTS release after a busy six month development cycle. The release is available in Desktop (see OMG! Ubuntu!’s great summary), Server, and Cloud Infrastructure form. You can also install the desktop easily from Windows by clicking here. I am hugely proud of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS; I believe it […]

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David Callé Rocks My World

Why? View larger. …that’s why.

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Ubuntu Accomplishments: The Road To 0.1

Back in January I started working on the Ubuntu Accomplishments system, and since then the project has been making some solid progress. Thanks to everyone who has joined to help, and a particular thanks to Rafal Cieslak for his wonderful contributions to the core system. Over the last few weeks we have locked down the […]

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The Importance Of Application Developers To Ubuntu

For many years now we have been building a comprehensive Ubuntu contributor community. Across our many different sub-communities such as Packagers, Translators, LoCo Teams, Forums, AskUbuntu, Documentation Writers, Ubuntu Women, QA, Accessability, and elsewhere, we have worked hard to help everyone put their brick in the wall to help Ubuntu be the best it can […]

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Severed Fifth Show The Weekend Before UDS

Just a quick note. As some of you know I play in a metal band called Severed Fifth that releases it’s music under a Creative Commons license. You can listen to and download our album Liberate and here. Feel free to share it with your friends! Well, on the Saturday night before UDS kicks off […]

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Adopt An ISO

As we pull into the final stretch of the Ubuntu 12.04 release cycle all hands are on deck to ensure the quality of 12.04 is perfect. Fortunately this is something that everyone can help with to help us find bugs before we release. We need to ensure we get total coverage of our different ISO […]

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Further Ubuntu Accomplishments Progress

Another quick update of Ubuntu Accomplishments. Recently I split out the two different pieces of the project (the back-end daemon and the GUI client) into two different branches. With the two branches this then put us in a position to use quickly package to generate packages for the applications (I had problems with quickly package […]

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Ubuntu Accomplishments Localized Documentation Update

On Saturday I blogged with a call for help in providing localized documentation for the different opportunities available in the Ubuntu Accomplishments project. Since then there has been many wonderful contributions: Congratulations to the German community for being the first to to provide the first entirely localized set of accomplishment documentation! Your contributions will make […]

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