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Damn, and more damn

Well, so much for hey Jono, all you need to do is open up your laptop and check if the keyboard ribbon cable has unseated – I did that tonight, in a fit of bravery, and now it won’t turn on again. Guess I will need that new laptop after all. Dammit.

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Laptop Advice Needed

I am looking to buy a laptop, and need some advice. Right now I am running a Sony Vaio VGN-TX1XP – a small form-factor laptop, that has served me pretty well. That was, until a few months back. An hour before I left for the airport to the UDS, the keyboard stopped working. This resulted […]

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No Email. Annoyed.

Quick note – email to is not working. I am annoyed, very annoyed and just screamed in annoyance and had the neighbours knock on my door to ask if everything was alright. Now, thats annoyed for you. ZoneEdit, you suck. Send mail to jono AT ubuntu DOT com instead.

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Just so you know, I have been off work for a week with the flu, but I am back now. As such, I will be getting to the email backlog over the next few days. A few lessons learned from my week off: Jeremy Kyle needs to go away, the irritating sod. So does Ricki […]

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Realising what is important

You know, every so often it is tempting to get wrapped up in minutia and having it obscure the bigger picture. Sometimes its easy to forget we are surrounded by incredible, genuine, inspiring individuals, and this is a privilege and not something we should take for granted.

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Wiki wiki wild wild west…

I love wikipedia. I have always been a pretty curious person, and I have wasted hours learning about all manner of things on there. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly things can get updated there, such as when Chris joined LugRadio – the page was updated pretty shortly after it was announced. Stunning. […]

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Hitting The Big Time

Wow, today I got an email from Don Marti, legendary writer that he is: Congratulations — based on links from bloggers who get syndicated on Linux-related Planet sites, you’re at the top of the Linux blog A-list. Good grief. Also, Langridge is at #6. Good stuff. Does this mean that while backstage I can […]

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All Good

I bloody love the Open Source community. Thats all.

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Memory Lane

The last house I used to live in was the first house since being a student. As such, that whole freedom of doing what you want with your house and making it you own resulted in a place that can only be described as…unique. As an avid gig-goer, I used to pick up all kinds […]

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Mystery Beard

When I got back from London earlier this week I had a few nice presents put through my door for my birthday. Thanks to whoever it was who sent me Hot Fuzz, thanks to Ilan and Maru for Robocop Trilogy, and then there is an oddity. I received this: The package was addresses to Jono […]

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