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Severed Fifth Updates

I just wanted to blog about some of the cool things going on recently in Severed Fifth land: Severed Fifth Used In Video Soundtracks – one of the most wonderful elements of licensing your content under a Creative Commons license means that other creative types can use your content. It turns out a bunch of […]

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Frets On Fire: Severed Fifth Edition

Some of you may be familiar with the game Frets On Fire; a free equivilent to the rather awesome Guitar Hero series of games. For some time now I have dreamed about having a special Frets On Fire: Severed Fifth Edition version of the game, with all Severed Fifth songs available to play. Well, this […]

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Severed Fifth Part Two Begins

Today I am tickled pink to launch the brand new Severed Fifth website, hereby beginning the second phase of the project. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Severed Fifth, it was a project I set up to see how far an unknown musician (me) could take his music when releasing it under a […]

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Severed Fifth II

For those of you who are curious about the next steps for Severed Fifth; my Creative Commons music project: On Monday I launch the brand new website. Writing for the second album is nearly complete and I will be streaming the entire recording sessions live. I have created a new Severed Fifth Twitter account, so […]

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Interviewed on FLOSSWeekly

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of doing an interview on the rather excellent FLOSSWeekly podcast with Leo Laporte and Randal Schwartz. On it I talk Community, Ubuntu, Art Of Community, Canonical, Severed Fifth and more. Check it out here.

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Denied By Reign: One Day Old

Well, Denied By Reign has released for about a day now, and I want to thank everyone for their kind comments and support behind the project. I am pretty tickled-pink with the response so far. I have been trying to keep track of write-ups of the project and the album, and so far I have […]

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Debut Severed Fifth Album Now Available

Digg The Release I am proud to announce the final release of the debut Severed Fifth album Denied By Reign. You can go and download it in its entirety here. There are download links for both Ogg and MP3 as well as BitTorrent links. Thanks to Adam and Neuro for providing mirrors. The full album […]

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Severed Fifth IRC Channel

Quick FYI, I have registrered #severedfifth on for IRC fanatics. Obviously, I will be there for the release of the album tomorrow.

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Final Denied By Reign Sneak Peeks

Well, after a weekend off of Sneak Peeks from Denied By Reign I want to give you the final three before I release the album tomorrow: Sneak Peek 9 – Ogg MP3 Sneak Peek 10 – Ogg MP3 Sneak Peek 11 – Ogg MP3 If you missed the others, here they are: Sneak Peek 1 […]

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Denied By Reign Sneak Peeks 7 + 8

Another two sneak peeks from Denied By Reign building on the three previous days: Sneak Peek 7 – Ogg MP3 Sneak Peek 8 – Ogg MP3 Today I want to highlight two rather cool quotes that have come in from some pretty notable people about Severed Fifth. First, I blogged about this yesterday, but Zak […]

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