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Zak Tell Of Clawfinger On Severed Fifth

One person who has picked up on the Severed Fifth train is Zak Tell, singer for rap-metal legends Clawfinger. Speaking about the project he said: “Hi Jono, nice idea man & good announcement, it’s probably going to be the only way to do it in the near future unless someone comes up with a genius […]

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Denied By Reign Sneak Peeks 5 + 6

Two more sneak peeks for your delectation, building on two previous days: Sneak Peek 5 – Ogg MP3 Sneak Peek 6 – Ogg MP3 I also want to say a big thanks to Matt Asay’s coverage of Severed Fifth on CNET. Thanks Matt! Big thanks also to Ryan Busch who is going out and about […]

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Frets On Fire Transcribers Wanted!

One thing I am really keen to do as part of the release of Denied By Reign is to have the songs available for Frets On Fire; the excellent Open Source Guitar Hero clone. I would love to have these available for release if at all possible. So, I am looking for some volutneers who […]

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Severed Fifth Sneak Peeks 3 + 4

Continuing the week of Denied By Reign sneak peeks, I have two more for you: Sneak Peek 3 – Ogg MP3 Sneak Peek 4 – Ogg MP3 I am also proud to introduce the front and back covers of the album, and these images will be provided in large enough resolution to be printed at […]

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Severed Fifth Sneak Peeks 1 + 2

Alright, get your seatbelts on, your engines running and get ready for a couple of sneak peeks of the final songs of the debut Severed Fifth album Denied By Reign. Grab them from below: Sneak Peek 1 – Ogg MP3 Sneak Peek 2 – Ogg MP3 This week I will be releasing two sneak peeks […]

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Denied By Reign Released In One Week

A week tomorrow, I will be releasing the debut Severed Fifth album Denied By Reign. October 21st, head over to and grab it. Also, based upon feedback, I will be releasing the entire album under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license. Every day this week I will be releasing a new sneak peek of […]

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First Review

Rich Johnson (nixternal) on listening to the completed Severed Fifth album Denied By Reign: “Oh yeah…this is the kind of shit I want to listen to before I break into someone’s house and rob them.” Denied By Reign. Released Oct 21st.

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Denied By Reign Completed

Well, at 2.48am, Denied By Reign, the debut Severed Fifth album, is finally complete and I am really proud of it. It has been by far my most ambitious project yet – eight songs, 39m 57s of music, 91 guitar riffs, 35 instrument tracks, 5.35GB of recorded audio and all recorded in about two solid […]

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Denied By Reign Release Date Announced

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Just wanted to provide a quick update on life – things have been absolutely crazy recently. Literally, a-grade crazy. There are some fairly hefty changes going on in my life right now, and this combined with nearly two months of solid travelling, finishing up LugRadio, an incredibly busy worklife and recording the debut Severed Fifth […]

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