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Street Team Community Middle Ground

Recently I have been taking my new talk around various conferences. Entitled Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants: The Coming Of The Linux Desktop, it discusses the different elements involved in desktop success and us achieving the so called year of the Linux desktop. At one point in the presentation I talk about how it […]

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Severed Fifth Licensing

You know what? I hate licensing. Sure, it is a necessary evil, but I prefer to spend my time on doing things as opposed to licensing things. Despite this, licensing is a key element of Severed Fifth and I went through quite a mental journey to finalise the choice of the Creative Commons Sampling Plus […]

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Severed Fifth Updates

Just wanted to give a quick update on Severed Fifth and some of the work going on in the project: Recording is going well. The vast majority of the music is tracked, I just need to finish up vocals. Go and see studio reports 1 2 and 3 for more details. I think things are […]

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Wow, busy few days – I have been locked in my studio recorded Denied By Reign – the debut Severed Fifth album which will be part of my exploration into the new music economy. For the curious, see Studio Report #1 and Studio Report #2. Also, thanks to Ars Technica for writing up Severed Fifth […]

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Severed Fifth Recording Begins

Well, tomorrow I begin recording the debut Severed Fifth album; Denied By Reign. This is an album that has been in the works for a long time, and primary recording begins tomorrow and finishes on Wednesday. This will involve eight songs and all of the tracking and production for all of the instruments – safe […]

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Severed Fifth Album and Recording Details

Well, I am pleased to unveil that the debut Severed Fifth album will be called Denied By Reign and it will feature the following tracks, which are confirmed right now: Metric Of Hate Beating Heart Dollar Plague The Lake Edge Of Design Take The Test War Enslaved By Pain There may be some additional content […]

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Severed Fifth Announcement

Well, I am pleased to finally take the wraps off my new project – Severed Fifth. The curious can go and listen to or read the announcement. If you are interested in free culture and a new music economy, the project may be of interest to you. In summary – “Severed Fifth is a music […]

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Nearly Ready

Getting the final bits ready for the Severed Fifth announcement on Monday. I would like to thank Aq, Mike, Adam and Scott for all of their excellent work in getting it together. Their work has been incredible, particularly with my life being so busy right now with Ubuntu, LugRadio, LugRadio Live, and various personal things. […]

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Coming soon…

The time to stir things up is soon… I am not ready to announce this yet, but a few things to clarify from some comments from some people: It is not just a band. It is not just political. It is not just designed to change things. I am not leaving Ubuntu. June 9th 2008. […]

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