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App Of Jaq

In the continued mission to inspire and encourage opportunistic developers to write cool little apps that scratch an itch, no matter how specific and niche, I have started work on App Of Jaq: a desktop app that scratches my itch to build the Shot Of Jaq experience right into the desktop. The first cut of […]

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Various Shot Of Jaq Tidbits

Shot Of Jaq is a ten minute, twice-weekly technology and Open Source podcast that is specifically designed to be the start of the conversation. We have taken care to build an environment optimized around conversation and discussion, and the Shot Of Jaq community is growing at a rate of knots. I just wanted to provide […]

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Unchaining The Opportunistic Programmer

Recently I have been writing a lot about Lernid, an application that makes online learning events more fun and more accessible, and at the heart of what has enabled me to write Lernid is Quickly; a framework for scratching itches. Quickly has enabled me to re-connect with my coding mojo, and deliver the fruits of […]

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Shot Of Jaq: A Few Weeks In

It has been a few weeks now since Aq and I started doing our new podcast, Shot Of Jaq. What a crazy few weeks. As some of you will know, we did LugRadio for four years, and we really got into the habit of the LugRadio formula. Four year and 2million downloads later, I am […]

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The Shot Of Jaq Train Begins

Yesterday we kicked out our first proper episode of Shot Of Jaq and I am chuffed to bits with the response. Right now it stands at 42 comments, and I am sure this will continue to grow. The whole idea behind Shot Of Jaq is that our 10 minute shot acts as the start of […]

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The New Shot Of Jaq Website Is Open

Just a quick note to let you good folks know that the Shot Of Jaq website is now open at – come and join the beginnings of our community. If you have no idea what Shot Of Jaq is, read this. The very first episode of Shot Of Jaq will be released on Tuesday […]

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Announcing Shot Of Jaq

Some of you will know Stuart ‘Aq’ Langridge. He was one of my fellow presenters on LugRadio, a show that we did that took a loose, informal and irreverent take on Open Source and Technology. He was the other longest standing presenter on the show which lasted four years and had over 2million downloads. We […]

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