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Free Software is not just software or a philosophical attitude to freely available software. Free Software is a catalyst for change in a constantly evolving world that is becoming more and more dependent on technology. Unfortunately while many of us are getting faster and faster computers on our desktops and in our pockets, for many […]

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Reflections On Ubuntu 13.10

Ubuntu 13.10 is out, get it here! This release packs some significant punch – we have the first version of Ubuntu for phones, Mir is shipping on the phone images, a new Ubuntu SDK, an entirely new app developer upload experience, new version of Juju, Juju GUI, smart scopes integrated into the desktop and phone, […]

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Building an Ubuntu App Developer Advocacy Community

I have talked in the past about how critical I feel app developers are to the Ubuntu convergence story. If developers can go from idea to implementation to publishing quickly and easily, it will make the overall Ubuntu platform more attractive and featureful for users, partners, OEMs, carriers and more. As such, we are working […]

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Re-Energizing LoCo Teams

I believe that in the entire history of Ubuntu we are at the most exciting time we have ever experienced. With Ubuntu we set out with a clear mission: to build an elegant, beautiful, Free Software platform that brings powerful, easily accessible, technology to all. We are gritted in our determination around this mission. All […]

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One Week In. Seven Million Dollars. Keep On Pledging!

One week ago today we kicked off the Ubuntu Edge Indigogo Campaign; a campaign to raise $32million using the crowd-funding site Indigogo to build the beautiful Ubuntu Edge device that can run Ubuntu Phone and Android and boot a full Ubuntu desktop running off the phone itself. Be sure to see ( This campaign is […]

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Ubuntu Edge: The Road To Making Crowd-Sourcing History

Ever since we announced the Ubuntu Edge campaign, we have seen a remarkable amount of interest in the campaign. Here are some highlights: T3 Techcrunch Techcrunch, BBC Jane Silber, Canonical CEO on CNBC Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu Founder, doing a Reddit AMA The Telegraph I also strongly recommend you see Marques Brownlee’s video overview of Ubuntu […]

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12 Hours In, Nearly 10% Raised

We are about 12 hours into the Ubuntu Edge Indigogo Campaign and we are about to hit 10% of the full goal. Awesome. Be sure to go and support the campaign!

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Announcing the Ubuntu Edge

Last week many of you will have seen the teasers that were shared on As you can imagine, our community, the press, and others picked up on this with rampant curiosity of what was to come. I am delighted to see the news is now out there, and boy, is this exciting. In a […]

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Printed Certificates for Ubuntu Members

The Ubuntu community is a core part of what makes us what we are, and right at the center of that are our Ubuntu Members. Ubuntu Members provide significant and sustained contributions over a wide range of areas such as packaging, documentation, programming, translations, advocacy, support, and more. We always want to do our best […]

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For some time now we have wanted to improve the community pages on While the pages there provided an overview of the community they really didn’t serve us or our new community members very well. At UDS in Copenhagen back in November we agreed to work on a project to build a new set […]

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