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Announcing Ubuntu For Phones

Today we announced the Ubuntu for phones platform. This is the culmination of an extensive period of work, and pushing Ubuntu another step further in building a consistent, elegant, beautiful Operating System and experience across the desktop, cloud, and devices. The design and implementation of the phone is beautiful. You can immediately tell it is […]

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Happy Holidays!

Just a quick post to wish all of you a safe and happy holidays, wherever you may be, and whoever you are spending it with. This year was a great year for Ubuntu, and a great year for Free Software. Step by step we are bringing freedom of technology to more and more people across […]

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Creating An Awesome LoCo Support Community

Our LoCo Teams are a wonderful part of the Ubuntu community. They provide a fantastic place for Ubuntu users to meet other users locally and enjoy Ubuntu together either online or in person. LoCo Teams also often get together to help share Ubuntu with others and encourage local schools, charities, businesses and others to use […]

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Ubuntu Advocacy Development Kit Packaged

Earlier this week I blogged about the Ubuntu Advocacy Development Kit; designed to be a simple, straight-forward kit that includes all the documentation and materials that you need to to join and create LoCo Teams and help spread the word about Ubuntu in your area (whether in a LoCo Team or not). This is part […]

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DVDs For Approved LoCo Teams

Just a quick note for our wonderful worldwide collection of LoCo Teams…you can find out how to order your Ubuntu 12.10 DVDs right here. We look forward to hearing about the wonderful work you are doing to share the DVDs with people. Rock on.

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Ubuntu App Developer Goings On

With the release of Ubuntu 12.04, there have been many different viewpoints on which parts are the most important features and facilities for our users; Unity, the HUD, application choice etc etc. Let me show you what I consider to be one of the most important parts of Ubuntu: The Ubuntu Software Center is the […]

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Help Needed! Ask Ubuntu Accomplishment Documentation

I have something rather cool to show you: This is a screenshot of Ubuntu Accomplishments with support for Ask Ubuntu badges. This means that when you get an Ask Ubuntu badge, you will see a notification bubble appear on your desktop, and you can see all of your Ask Ubuntu badges with the rest of […]

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Humble Indie Bundle in Ubuntu

We are delighted to announce that the Humble Indie Bundle, that was just announced will have all the games available in the Ubuntu Software Center running natively on Ubuntu. For the next few weeks you can go and donate whatever you like to buy Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Psychonauts, LIMBO, Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP […]

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Ubuntu Accomplishments Web Gallery: Django Developers Needed!

Before we get started, I want to offer all of my American friends a thoughtful Memorial Day (I was going to say ‘happy’ memorial day, but there is nothing particularly ‘happy’ about the meaning behind the day). I hope you all have a nice day with family and/or friends. On an unrelated note, I just […]

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Ubuntu Community Accomplishments Collection 0.1.1 Released

I just released a new update for the Ubuntu Community Accomplishments collection. This new release (0.1.1) includes the following new community accomplishments: Accomplishments Contributor Attend LoCo Team Event Bug Squad Member Ubuntu Forums Council Member Ubuntu Forums Staff Member Imported an SSH Key Ubuntu Beginners Team Council Member Ubuntu Beginners Team Member Bug Control Member […]

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