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Mir For Everyone

Earlier today Mark Shuttleworth blogged about the evolution of Mir, the powerful display server we are building as one component in the Ubuntu convergence story across desktops, phones, tablets, and more, but also as a general purpose display server that other distributions, desktops, and other upstreams can use too. Mir will be landing by default […]

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Dogfoodable Core Apps

Over the course of the year we have been seeing fantastic progress with Ubuntu and our convergence story. This includes eight carriers in the Carrier Advisory Group, strong interest from hardware manufacturers, significant coverage from press and at shows such as CES/MWC, and an explosion of participation in people writing apps for Ubuntu Touch. The […]

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Ubuntu Weekly Update and Hour-long Mir Interview

Beginning last week, we started our Ubuntu Weekly Update videocast that provides a range of weekly updates to keep our community, press, upstreams, and partners in the loop and up to date with recent progress. Today’s show was a special two-hour show with two parts: The first part (beginning at the start of the video) […]

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Mir in Ubuntu 13.10, Benchmarking, and More

Many of you will have seen the recent news about Mir coming to Ubuntu 13.10 in October 2013. For those of you who are unaware of Mir, it is an Open Source display server we are building that we will use across desktops, phones, tablets, and TV. It currently works with Open Source drivers and […]

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First Ubuntu Weekly Update Video

Today we had our first Ubuntu Weekly Update with summaries from engineering managers and leads for Mir, Unity, Juju (Core and Ecosystem), Click, Smart Scopes, Ubuntu Touch, Community, and other areas. After the summaries we opened up the session to questions from viewers. This weekly videocast will provide a regular in-depth, open, and transparent update […]

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Ubuntu Weekly Update Videocast, Mir Interview, and More Interviews

We have been working hard to ensure that the various engineering teams working on different parts of Ubuntu are being as open and transparent as possible. This has included many of these teams (e.g. Unity, Mir, App Development etc) sending regular weekly updates of progress being made. Well, we want to amp that up to […]

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Two Q&A Sessions This Week

This week I am pleased to announce two Q&A sessions to get all your juicy Ubuntu-related questions answered: Wed 19th June – taking place an hour earlier this week at 6pm UTC will be my usual weekly Q&A session where you are welcome to bring any and all questions! Be sure to join me, it […]

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Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group Announced

We are working on a powerful vision with Ubuntu; to build a convergent Operating System that runs on phones, tablets, desktops, and TVs. A core part of this vision is that this is a platform and ecosystem that you can influence, improve, and be a part of, significantly more-so than our competitors. One consistent piece […]

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Simplifying App Websites With Juju

Last week I had a neat idea. Well, at least I think it is a neat idea. Let me share it with you folks to get your take. We have been spending a lot of time refining every aspect of the application development process for writing Ubuntu phone/tablet/desktop applications. This has included: Building a simple, […]

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Ubuntu and XDA: An Awesome Relationship

Ever since we first announced Ubuntu for phones on January 2nd this year, a fantastic relationship with our friends in the XDA community has formed. For quite some time now we have been releasing daily images of Ubuntu for phones/tablets and our friends in the XDA community have been working to enable these images for […]

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