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A Solemn Day

Nelson Mandela passed away today. He was 95. I am not going to pretend to know all the details about his life or the intricacies of his struggle. What I do know is that he inspired a generation around change and equality. It was not just his philosophy that inspired so many…it was his action […]

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Target,, and Solving Customer Problems

I don’t normally write posts about issues with organizations, but as I mention later in this article, there wasn’t a good avenue to share this with Target, so I am sharing it here so Target (as well as other consumers) can be aware of some of these issues. I like Target. They are generally a […]

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Make a Difference To a Three Year Old Boy With Cancer

I just want to echo Tony’s appeal to help three year-old Sam who was diagnosed with high risk neuroblastoma, a particularly aggressive cancer. It has spread from the main tumor into his bones and bone marrow. That makes it a class 4 cancer, the most advanced on the scale. The long term survival rate for […]

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Drawing a Wooden Cabinet in a GTK Application

I have a question for you GTK and/or WebKit folks. For Ubuntu Accomplishments we would like to take this: …and make it look more like a wooden trophy cabinet, like this: Currently the icons in the client are displayed using a gtk.IconView, but I am not sure how we could accomplish the wooden cabinet look. […]

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Canonical Community Team Meeting – 7th Feb 2012

Minutes are available here.

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didrocks Is a Legend

’nuff said.

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Unity Bitesize Bug Report for 7 December

This is a guest post from Jorge Castro. As I mentioned last week we’ve started a campaign for helping people get started on fixing bitesize bugs in Unity. Jono blogged about this as well. As it turns up, we’ve got our first bitesize contributor today! Jamal Fanaian has fixed Bug #683241: Recycle bin icon is […]

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The End Of Shot Of Jaq

Today we published our final Shot Of Jaq. You can listen to it here. Shot Of Jaq was our experiment into whether podcasting could be turned on it’s head a little and instead of being a long show (such as what we did with LugRadio, could be a short, sharp burst of content to start […]

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Weekly Videocast Topics Suggestion Page

As I mentioned last week, I am now doing my At Home With Jono Bacon videocast in a regular weekly slot at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern / 6pm UTC. In every show I provide a Q+A section but I am keen to cover tutorial topics and overviews of key elements involved in Ubuntu and […]

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Acire Hacking

This afternoon I took a little time to work on some changes in Acire; my little graphical front-end to a library of Python Snippets. I wanted to share this work as I think it will continue to help Acire be a useful little tool. Today I added a new feature that helps you tie online […]

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