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Rocking The Opportunistic Desktop

I just wanted to summarize some fun opportunistic developer things going on over the next few weeks. all of these events provide a great opportunity to get started having fun making awesome apps that you can share with others. Presenting The Opportunistic Developer Vision On Wednesday 24th Feb at 11am / 2pm EST / 7pm […]

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Next Ubuntu Open Week Announced!

Today we are proud to announce the schedule for the next Ubuntu Open Week, which takes place from the 2nd – 6th November 2009. Ubuntu Open Week is a week of free live online tuition and Q+A sessions that are provided on a range of topics by many of the movers and shakers in out […]

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30 Years Young

Today I turn 30. It seems everyone has an opinion about what happens when you turn 30. Sharing my news of the imminent event with friends would usually result in sarky mutterings of “it’s all downhill from here, boyo“, and affirmations that hangovers feel worse, bones ache more, you get tired quicker and find yourself […]

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Improving Ubuntu/Upstream Bug Workflow

Today we launched the beta of our Ubuntu Upstream Report. Jorge has more details on how upstreams and Ubuntu contributors can make use of the report, but I wanted to spend a few moments telling the story behind the report. Quite some time ago, we set ourselves up with the job of improving how we […]

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Mum and Dad

My Dad has had something of an interesting life. When he was very young, he was part of a large family that didn’t have a lot. He struggled at school and suffered some health problems as a kid, but his determination and enterprising nature lead him through a maze of interesting little adventures. When he […]

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Bringing home the MOTU

With all the fun going on encouraging people to get involved with Ubuntu packaging, I was really psyched to see this blog post in which Efrain is writing a short diary of his progress going through MOTU. This is excellent, and will help us to continually improve and refine how people can get involved in […]

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State of the Jokosher

I think its time to jam some Jokosher love into your collective pipes. Ready for an update on the worlds funkiest multi-track editor that all the cool kids are talking about? OK, here goes. Recently the development team have been hammering on bugs, ploughing in new features and working on all of the services and […]

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Getting the new tune…

…is proving difficult right now as Recreant View is having DNS problems. is also having the same DNS quirks. I have copied the new blastbeat-double-bass-drum-metal-tastic tune to so you can grab it. So, to hear Take The Test, go and download the Ogg or download the MP3. Normal service should be resumed shortly. […]

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Back Saturday

Well, after two weeks of joyful rest, Sooz and I will kiss goodbye to the Florida sun tomorrow and fly back to rainy old England. We have had an excellent time, and thanks to those of you holding fire on some issues until I get back. I am quite worried about what my Inbox is […]

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On relaxing

You know, I find relaxing difficult. I know it sounds crazy, but I do. My mind is always racing at 1000mph, and I am always buzzing to do something, so it makes lying around on a deckchair difficult at times. This is not a recent thing – I have always been like it, and my […]

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